New Hire Courses

New Hire Courses are available to all IUEC locals in the USA and may be instructed by IUEC Local Leadership after attending Training Seminar by EIWPF. Class materials furnished by EIWPF upon request to all trained instructors.

UNIT 1: Benefits of IUEC Membership
This unit gives an overview of IUEC members benefits. It also presents the opportunities within the industry, such as education, job security and career choices.
UNIT 2: Harassment / Discrimination
This unit is now available through NEIEP.
UNIT 3: History of Labor Movement
This unit is intended to give the student an understanding of early labor conditions. It also presents how and why unions were formed.
UNIT 4: AFL-CIO History
This unit presents social-economic conditions of the late 1800s until the present. It shows how major unions joined together for greater strength.
UNIT 5: History of IUEC
This unit details the history of the IUEC, from its founding to the work stoppages suffered by IUEC members. This unit also tells the history of IUEC related organizations such as NEII, NEIEP / CEIEP, EINRTP, EIWPF, ASME and OSHA.
UNIT 6: Master Agreements
The course covers the agreements between the elevator companies and the IUEC, including working conditions and benefits. This unit uses the Master Agreement as its text. The student receives a workbook for making notes.
UNIT 7: IUEC Constitution and By-Laws
This course covers the operation of the Local and International Elevator Unions. It uses the IUEC Constitution and By-Laws as its text. The student receives a workbook for making notes.
UNIT 8: History of US Labor Laws
This unit presents the history of labor laws along with court decisions of importance. Labor conditions shown in earlier units created the need for the laws discussed in this unit.
UNIT 9: Union Finances
This unit shows methods used by various IUEC locals to manage their moneys. Federal requirements for reporting local finances are also discussed.