PACE Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is the EIWPF?
ANSWER: EIWPF stands for Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund. The EIWPF is a labor management cooperative fund between the IUEC and its signatory contractors.
QUESTION: What is the IUEC?
ANSWER: The IUEC is the International Union of Elevator Constructors.
ANSWER: PACE stands for Professional Approved Continuing Education. The purpose of the Program is to provide IUEC Mechanics with the continuing education required to renew their Elevator Mechanic License.
QUESTION: How much does a PACE class cost?
ANSWER: Each PACE class costs $90 per person per class.
QUESTION: Is PACE approved in my State?
ANSWER: The PACE Program has been approved in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Vermont and Washington. Currently PACE is active in California, Colorado, Illinois, Vermont and Washington.
QUESTION: Where can I get an application?
ANSWER: There are three ways to obtain an application:

  1. You can print an application from our website Select the “PACE Programs & Applications” button and the PACE drop down menu will appear. From this menu select “Class Schedules & Applications”. This screen listed by State and then City. Click on the City you want to attend the class in and the application for that City will come up. Print it and mail it in with the required documents (see application).
  2. You can pick up an application from your Local Union Office.
  3. You may also request an application by calling the EIWPF office at 888-511-3113 ext. #3, between 8:00AM and 5:00PM EST.
PACE San Diego – June 2012
PACE San Diego – June 2012
PACE Instructors (Georgia) – November 2006
QUESTION: How will I know that my application was received and that I have been scheduled for a class?
ANSWER: Once your application and all the proper documentation (listed in application) has been received, you will be notified by telephone and given your class details.
QUESTION: What if I need to reschedule the class that I have registered for?
ANSWER: Call EIWPF at 888-511-3113 ext #3, to notify us that you will be unable to attend your scheduled class and we will be happy to reschedule you for the next mutually available class. There is no additional fee to reschedule. Please do not just skip the class without notifying EIWPF, if this occurs you will be marked absent and you may not be entitled to a refund.
QUESTION: What if I am on call the day of the class?
ANSWER: You are better off rescheduling the class. Once you begin the class you are required to attend the entire class. No partial credit will be given to students who miss a portion of the class. If you do miss a portion of the class you will be required to attend another class for the full 8 hours.
QUESTION: What if I get sick or have an emergency during class and I need to leave the class?
ANSWER: You will be allowed to leave the class, however you will be required to attend another full 8 hour class. No partial credit will be given to students who miss a portion of the class. If you leave class due to an emergency you will not be required to pay another $90 when you reschedule for the next class.
QUESTION: If I leave a class due to illness or emergency can I just come to the next class?
ANSWER: No, you must contact the EIWPF at 888-511-3113 ext. #3, to be rescheduled for the next mutually available class.
QUESTION: Can I take a PACE class online?
ANSWER: No, currently all PACE classes take place in a classroom with an instructor.
QUESTION: What does the PACE curriculum consist of?
ANSWER: The typical PACE curriculum consists of a review of the current elevator safety law, a review of the current elevator safety rules and regulations of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (“AHJ”) over elevators in your State, elevator safety related issues and the ASME A17 Elevator Safety Code Issue.

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Kevin Sullivan / EIWPF National Coordinator
If you have any questions regarding this or any other part of the EIWPF PACE program, please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 511-3113 ext. #3.
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