Signatory Contractors

Industry Advancement Program (IAP)
The Industry Advancement Program is used to assist signatory contractors and the International Union of Elevator Constructors in recovering units not under signatory service contracts. Signatory contractors wishing to learn more about this program can call 1-888-511-3113, ext. 1.

Model Legislation
This is an informational class about the Elevator Safety Bill agreed to by the IUEC and Signatory Contractors. It is a basic bill that makes the equipment elevator constructors install safer by implementing legislation, in each state, which will govern the elevator industry that is responsible to the riding public. For more information please call 1-888-511-3113, ext. 2.

Professional Approved Continuing Education (PACE)
The PACE Program is the Professional Approved Continuing Education Program that was developed by the Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund. PACE was designed to meet each State’s requirements for continuing education for Licensed Elevator Mechanics or holders of a Certificate of Competency. Where approved, the PACE program meets the continuing education requirement for renewal of a State Mechanic’s License or Certificate of Competency. Each State that has approved the PACE program has different continuing education requirements.

The purpose of the PACE program is to increase the safety of field employees and the public. This is accomplished by expanding the field employee’s knowledge of ASME Codes and increasing their safety awareness. PACE will keep the elevator industry continually aware of changes in code requirements. The PACE program also reviews accidents, fatalities, field safety procedures and OSHA Standards.

For any additional questions following link: PACE Frequently Asked Questions